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Tiffany Gorenberg Townsend

On Saturday, March 5, we will RUN AMUCK with the DUCK in Gainesville, Florida in honor of a very special person, Caren Gorenberg.

Caren is my mother-in-law. She continues to survive with metastatic lung cancer, due in large part to research funded by the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. This is the seventh year she has tirelessly organized the 5K walk/run in her local community. Her energy and optimism are an inspiration to us all.

Who is the duck, you might ask? Crackers the Duck has accompanied Caren to every hospitalization, chemotherapy session, and oncology visit. He has also traveled extensively, climbed many of the world's tallest mountains, and sailed six of the seven seas, enthusiastically joining in many family adventures.

This cause, and the event organizer, are clearly dear to us. My goal is to raise $1000, supporting CAREN's CREW. I would very much appreciate your kind and generous contribution to the fight to end lung cancer.

Funds raised will help connect researchers and physicians worldwide to provide patients with genetic testing, early detection, drug discovery, better treatment options, and patient-focused outcomes.

Any contributions are greatly appreciated, and if you happen to be in Northern Florida, we invite you to join in the celebration!

Wishing you wellness,
Tiffany Gorenberg Townsend



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Sorry I missed the deadline before the run!
2. Tiffany Gorenberg Townsend
Let's make this another fabulous year to Run Amuck with Crackers the Duck!
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